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Infovitamin.ru a detailed guide to vitamins, minerals, medicinal herbs and food additives

Infovitamin.ru  handbook of vitamins, minerals, medicinal herbs and food additives How to treat and alleviate simple ailments and all kinds of diseases that spoil our lives every now and then? How to fully meet its critical stages from infancy to old age? How to monitor the health of your own and loved ones in order to notice deviations from the norm in time? What vitamins, minerals, medicinal herbs and supplements in general should I use? Are they needed? Do they help?

Each of us is asking these questions at the dawn of a new century, which, as science assures, will significantly prolong human life. It was they who prompted us to create this website a detailed guide to vitamins, minerals, medicinal herbs and food additives. His task is to resolve the maximum of your medical doubts, using the latest scientific data for this. Just don't look for miraculous recipes here: they don't exist in nature. To restore, preserve and strengthen health allows only comprehensive care of it. This is taught by our website.

Vitamins, minerals, medicinal herbs and supplements

On the website infovitamin.ru various vitamins, minerals, medicinal plants, food additives and other products that can be combined under a common concept supplements. Their nature, role in the body, benefits, methods of application and possible side effects are specified.

You will see that most of the herbal remedies known to us have been used since time immemorial, although their composition and mode of action have become clear to scientists only recently. You will learn about the amazing effect of microscopic doses of certain elements on the tiny cells of your body. Finally, you will learn how to expertly choose the most effective of the hundreds of medicines, powders, tablets and capsules offered by pharmacies.

Detailed guide to vitamins, minerals, herbs and supplements

Diseases causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention

Section Health protection is dedicated to all kinds of ailments, disorders and diseases that can sometimes be quite severe. We describe their nature, causes and symptoms, and then offer medications (in most cases from those presented on our website) that will help you avoid these troubles or eliminate them. Here you will find detailed schemes for taking various drugs and ways to combine them.

In these seemingly different parts of the site infovitamin.ru there are many common features. Firstly, it is always emphasized: before starting any treatment, it is necessary to consult with a specialist. He will clarify the diagnosis, check whether you have any contraindications to this drug, and whether this supplement does not enter into dangerous interactions with the traditional means used by you.

All sections of the site infovitamin.ru contain spreads devoted to more general topics, for example, the functional food offered by stores, growth, pregnancy, nutrition of adolescents and the elderly.

Each chapter includes information about the latest scientific research in this field both laboratory and clinical. You will see that, despite the controversial issues that sometimes remain with specialists, vitamins and supplements are useful in almost all cases and show great prospects, especially for chronic disorders, for example, asthma and diabetes.

Infovitamin.ru  vitamins, minerals, herbs Our website will require you to take daily active actions. He will remind you that both nutrition and lifestyle depend on you, and these are the most important components of the internal balance on which health is based.

You will learn, for example, that you can lose weight and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases without going on a starvation diet, but simply choosing more healthy food. We will offer you products that are the richest in substances necessary to eliminate certain disorders, improve overall well-being and maintain good shape. But, considering all this, only you will make your own menu every day, in accordance with the possibilities and tastes.

Everyone knows how important daily physical activity is, even with an ideal diet. But you yourself (perhaps after consulting with a doctor) will have to determine the nature and intensity of the loads depending on age, health, lifestyle. Far from being complicated and boring, this site lacks the main drawback of many similar works written by excellent specialists who, unfortunately, tend to forget about the academic abyss separating them from mere mortals. We strove for simplicity and clarity of presentation, practicality of advice and clarity of examples. We offer a guide that will really make your life easier.